Welcome to Broadway Noodle Soup!

Vietnamese cuisine is well loved around the world for its diversity in tastes. We here, at Broadway Noodle Soup, are representing the cultures of different cooking styles from different regions in Vietnam.

Come visit our restaurant and experience for yourself the Vietnamese food culture for its tasty, unique, irreplaceable flavours and textures. Many our favourites might become yours.

A Message from Owner of Pho Broadway

I have been a chef for over 25 years and have had a life-long passion for cooking. I was tired of resorting to stopping for fast food at the end of a long work day and wanted to help families just like mine; short on time, too exhausted to cook and shop, and longing to spend more time with their families.

I am so excited and delighted to bring to your table fresh, quality, healthy, and delicious meals daily. I enjoy pouring through cookbooks to find new recipes and delight in creating new menus. I offer numerous entrée choices and make more options available for those with different tastes or special diet requests.

You are going to be thrilled withthe extra time my service creates for you and your family. Most of all, you'll be able to look forward to and enjoy a delicious healthy meals throughout the day.


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